November 2-6, 2020

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Europe’s biggest Node.js conference

As anyone who’s come to NodeConf EU will undoubtedly agree, our annual event in Ireland is not just a conference, it’s a gathering of the NodeConf family. In 2019, 280 attendees from 32 countries across 5 continents came together to share ideas, stories, insights and have fun. For most who come regularly, it’s an experience not to be missed. 

As we plan for a year of uncertainty, we want the experience that is NodeConf EU to remain constant while still taking actions to protect our communities around the world. To that end, NodeConf EU will return in 2021 and in its place this year we are introducing NodeConf Remote to allow us all to connect virtually.

2 days

of inspiring talks

3 days

of informative workshops

Gil Tayar

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, They’re Here! ES Modules in Node.JS

Gil Tayar
Senior Architect at Applitools

Liz Parody

Behind the scenes of Node.js Distributions

Liz Parody
Head of Developer Relations at NodeSource

Chronicles of the Node.js ecosystem: the consumer, the author, and the maintainer

Bethany Griggs
IBM Software Engineer and Node.js Collaborator

Packaging a node.js binary for a platform or two (or three?)

Irina Shestack
Software Engineer at MongoDB

Uncovering Libuv secrets, a practical approach

Santiago Gimeno
Senior Software Engineer at Nodesource

Modern JavaScript Infrastructures

Maël Nison
Senior Software Engineer at Datadog 

Jumping into the deep end with Piscina

James Snell
Head of Research at NearForm and core contributor to Node.js 

AsyncLocalStorage: usage and best practices

Vladimir de Turckheim
Lead Node.js Engineer at Sqreen

WASM, Rust, and you

Yoshua Wuyts
Rust engineer at Prisma, former Node.js hacker, and member of the Rust Async Foundations WG

JavaScript Prototypes Behind the Scenes

Thomas Watson
Computer programmer, Node.js Core member, open source hacker and Node.js dev at Elastic

Node.js startup performance

Joyee Cheung
Node.js Core Contributor at Igalia

From mess to mesh using Fastify

Luca Maraschi

Introduction to Event Loop Utilization

Trevor Norris
Principal Product Software Engineer at NodeSource

Can we double HTTP client throughput?

Matteo Collina
Technical Director at NearForm


Testing Node.js Applications

Kent C. Dodds
JavaScript engineer and teacher

The Good, The Bad, and The Vulnerable: A Friendly Guide to Dependency Management at Scale

Amal Hussein
Principal Software Engineer at Indigo


Accessibility through the Deaf Lens: Coding and Beyond

Svetlana Kouznetsova
Consultant, Author, Speaker

10 secrets to improve Node.js Security

Erick Wendel
Trainer and Software Consultant at Erick Wendel Training and Consulting

Microservices Architecture in Node.js – Automated Testing

Karin Angel
Senior Backend Engineer 


Build your own diagnostic tools

Zbyszek Tenerowicz
Ecosystem Technical Lead at Egnyte, meet.js Poland organizer

Node.js and the struggles of being an EventTarget

Anna Henningsen
Senior Full-Stack Engineer at MongoDB


P2P indexing and search with Hyperbee

Mathias Buus


P2P indexing and search with Hyperbee

Andrew Osheroff

Call for speakers

The call for speakers is now closed. The full line up of speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

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The talks were really stellar. They were well thought out and well delivered. You could tell the organising committee really tried to create a diverse series of informative sessions delivered by a very diverse team of people.

I enjoyed everything from the workshops and the night events. The people there made the experience amazing, also live music was awesome.

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